Ji Hong Tai Chi College was founded in Edmonton, Albert in 1988 by Masters Hong Yuan Luo and Jennifer Gu, with branches across Canada.  The name of the college was chosen in honour of the late Tai Chi Master Ji Hong Luo, the father of Master Hong Yuan Luo.  The school employs a set of teaching methods that is scientific, systematic, and effective, known as the Ji Hong Tai Chi system.  This method of teaching Tai Chi has produced profound benefits for its students in the form of enhanced athletic performance, stress management, recovery from illness, and other improvements in overall health, both mental and physical.


The chief instructor of Ji Hong Tai Chi at Richmond Hill is Sifu Bao Sen Liang.  Sifu Liang has been practicing martial arts since the age of 9.  In his 20’s, he started training in Tai Chi and has since been a disciple of Master Luo.   In 1991, Sifu Liang established his first Tai Chi school in Toronto, the Ji Hong Tai Chi College in Scarborough.  Then in 2004, he set up a second Ji Hong Tai Chi College in Richmond Hill, in the Greater Toronto Area.  Sifu Liang is also the president and chief  instructor of Yuexi Ji Hong Tai Chi Association in the province of Guangdong in China.

Sifu Liang’s Tai Chi skill and teaching ability has resulted in a loyal following of students, many of whom have been with him for a number of years.  His willingness to share his deep knowledge of Tai Chi and the collegial atmosphere of the school continue to attract students of all ages and abilities.  Some students interested in greater challenges have achieved extraordinary results in Tai Chi Open Competitions, whereas a general feedback from students after learning Tai Chi at our school is that they feel stronger physically, and they see improvement in their overall health.


Our school is located at the heart of Richmond Hill, at Leslie St just north of  Hwy 7, serving the communities of Richmond Hill, Toronto, Markham, Aurora and Vaughan.