Chief Instructor - Bao Sen Liang

Bao Sen Liang is a martial arts enthusiast who has been practicing martial arts since he was nine years old. Over the years, he has trained under many teachers and cross paths with many renowned martial artists, seldom losing in his encounters. When he reached his twenties, he felt limited in his progress and through his extensive studies, realized that internal martial arts held the key to achieving a breakthrough in his training. Since tai chi is known to be the supreme art, he decided to pursue his training in tai chi.

There are many people who can teach tai chi, but a truly good teacher is rare and hard to find. He started learning Wu style and push hands from several masters who were considered very senior and reputable. Eventually he found a truly skilled and devoted teacher called Hong Yuan Luo.  Under Master Luo's instruction, he learned the proper methods of training and began to discover the true meaning of tai chi. Since then, his skills have progressed tremendously and continues to improve even up till today.

Bao Sen has been teaching tai chi now for over 25 years, with students in both China and Canada. He is appreciated  as a gifted and highly qualified instructor. His own fascination for tai chi combined with his patience and dedication in teaching, has helped students discover their own potential, progressing to high levels in their  tai chi skills, bringing health and wellness to their lives.


Instructor – Henry Wan

Henry began his martial arts journey in his teenage years with formal Taekwondo training in Hong Kong and Canada.  An injury during an intensive black belt training disrupted his martial arts journey, yet his passion for martial arts never diminished.

He started Tai Chi in 2006, and was attracted to the unique characteristics of this martial art.  Under the guidance of Sifu Bao Sen Liang at Ji Hong Tai Chi College, Henry learned various styles of Tai Chi and its characteristics, from beginner classes to in-depth lessons, from learning moves and refining them; understanding internal and external energy; tension versus relaxation; the relationship between mental tension and physical state; internal control to self control and opponent control; with the help of Sifu Liang, Henry was able to breakthrough the physical and mental barriers and stereotype from the past.  Sifu Liang has been guiding him to another dimension of martial arts.

The successful results achieved by him and other students in local and international competitions has proven the effectiveness of the Ji Hong Tai chi system and teaching methodology.

Henry holds a Chinese Wushu 4th duan in Chen style Tai Chi issued by the Chinese Wushu Association and is a Ji Hong Tai Chi qualified instructor.

As an instructor, Henry is aware of various obstacles that students face at various levels.  He is able to identify the causes, provide appropriate advice and direction for overcoming these obstacles as well as promote continuous growth and improvement.  Classes are held in a friendly and open-minded atmosphere, to ensure that each student fully benefits from each class.



Instructor – Helen Lau

Helen has been practicing Tai chi since 1998 with various instructors, but she was never satisfied because she didn’t feel like she was learning the true meaning of this martial art.  In 2006, Helen joined Ji Hong Tai Chi College in Richmond Hill, and under the guidance of Master Bao Sen Liang, she was able to not only improve her mental and physical skills, but also gained an in-dept understanding of Tai Chi Chuan along with its principles.

Her Tai Chi teaching experience as a qualified Ji Hong Tai Chi instructor started in 2010.  Since then, she has gained much appreciation of students at all levels regarding their needs, and often, their challenges in understanding Tai Chi.  Helen’s objective is to create a friendly and relaxed environment for her students, with encouragement and a systematic approach to teaching.  She also connects with her students and checks for their understanding.  It gives her great satisfaction when she hears feedback from students that they find enjoyment and health benefits from learning and practising Tai Chi in her classes.

In  August of 2013, Helen had the opportunity to participate in the 7th International Taijiquan Exchange Competition in the City of Jiaozuo in China’s Henan province, the founding place of Chen Style Tai Chi.  She received a bronze medal in her age group, and she was grateful to Master Liang for his guidance and encouragement.

Helen is a firm believer that Tai Chi is an excellent exercise that can help everyone’s mental and physical well-being, no matter if you are young and aged.  At Ji Hong, we believe and practice the old Chinese saying that “learning is boundless”.  Regardless of your proficiency in Tai Chi, we are here to help.



Instructor – William Chung

William has been practising Tai Chi since 2009.  Under Master Bao Sen Liang’s teaching and guidance, he participated in both 2011/2012 Canadian Tai Chi Open Championships, and was awarded several medals (2-Gold, 2-silver, 1 Bronze) in both forms and push hands categories.

His Tai Chi journey began from a flyer.  Like most others, he originally believed that Tai Chi was for the elderly.  His view completely changed after attending the Ji Hong open house demonstrations, where he was amazed by the dynamic yet gentle Chen Style, and was excited that there were other Tai Chi Styles, including weapons.  He has been hooked ever since.

Tai Chi is a workout that combines the mind and body, which is different from many other sports and exercises.  Since practising Tai Chi, he noticed a significant decrease in the number of sick days, and an increasing build up of internal strength (as opposed to pure muscle strength).  He would love to share his experience and health benefits with anyone who is interested in learning more about this mysterious martial art.  He has never looked back since the first day of learning Tai Chi.

Every journey begins with the first step.  Come visit Ji Hong’s open house to see our Tai Chi demonstrations and find out more for yourself.