Chief Instructor - Bao Sen Liang

Bao Sen Liang is a martial arts enthusiast who has been practicing martial arts since he was nine years old. Over the years, he has trained under many teachers and cross paths with many renowned martial artists, seldom losing in his encounters. When he reached his twenties, he felt limited in his progress and through his extensive studies, realized that internal martial arts held the key to achieving a breakthrough in his training. Since tai chi is known to be the supreme art, he decided to pursue his training in tai chi.

There are many people who can teach tai chi, but a truly good teacher is rare and hard to find. He started learning Wu style and push hands from several masters who were considered very senior and reputable. Eventually he found a truly skilled and devoted teacher called Hong Yuan Luo.  Under Master Luo's instruction, he learned the proper methods of training and began to discover the true meaning of tai chi. Since then, his skills have progressed tremendously and continues to improve even up till today.

Bao Sen has been teaching tai chi now for over 25 years, with students in both China and Canada. He is appreciated  as a gifted and highly qualified instructor. His own fascination for tai chi combined with his patience and dedication in teaching, has helped students discover their own potential, progressing to high levels in their  tai chi skills, bringing health and wellness to their lives.


Instructor - May Rahnema

May Rahnema has been practicing tai chi since 1990. She has studied traditional tai chi forms in Chen, Yang, and Wu styles as well as weapons and push hands. Her proficiency has been well tested at many national competitions where she has won gold medals in both tai chi forms and push hands in every tournament in which she has participated from 1996 - 2004.

Martial arts have been her passion and a constant part of her life since childhood. She started formal training at nineteen and obtained her karate black belt in 1990. That same year, she met tai chi master Hong Yuan Luo and began her discovery of this unique and profound art.

Under the instruction and guidance of tai chi master Bao Sen Liang, she became an experienced tai chi instructor and realized that the process of teaching makes her an even better student. She has since embraced tai chi not just as a martial art, but she also strives to incorporate its teachings as a way of life. In addition to health and wellness, tai chi has brought joy, fulfilment, wisdom, friendship, and balance to her life. May hopes to share this with all her students and hence continues to find time to teach while balancing work and family. With dedication, patience, and effective teaching methods, May guides her students during their journey of discovery in tai chi.