New Class (Evolutionary Theory and Methodology)

Tai Chi Quan reflects our culture using our body as a vessel; it’s an internal kung fu that combines philosophy, martial art, well-being, and self awareness.  Currently, Tai Chi Quan is one of the most popular martial art or exercise being practiced in the world.  It is supported by theories and a very systematic approach.  The main reasons Tai Chi Quan so popular because it is suitable for all ages & gender, and has many proven health benefits.  Similar to any martial art, Tai Chi Quan is hard to master.  Nowadays, given that not many people have the luxury of time to practice, all we want is to learn it as quickly as possible which could result in missing most of the important components or basics, and the real meaning of Tai Chi.  Therefore, we have created this New Class which combines theory, basic training, and simple movements with the goal of assisting our students to properly grasp and build a stronger foundation toward their journey in Tai Chi.

新班 (技理與訓練)

太極拳,是表現在身體上的一種文化,集哲學、武術、養生、修身等於一體的內家功夫,是當今所有武術裡,理論最完善、最有系統、最多人練習的一項武術運動, 太極拳對男女老少都合適,而且在健康心身方面更是效果顯著,因此越來越多人學習太極拳。但由於太極拳是一門博大精深的武術,要想學好並不容易,加上現代人 都不想多花一點的時間在練習上,一開始便想快快學上手,有時卻欲速不達,反而更掌握不到太極的真諦,有見及此,我們這個班正是為針對這一問題而設,為你今 後的學習打下基礎,以理論和基本訓練相結合,用簡單易學的動作套上精深的理論,讓學者更快、更容易地走到正確的太極道路上來。