2015 Spring Festival and 11th Anniversary Dinner

On March 7, 2015,  Ji Hong Tai Chi College held its Annual Chinese New Year Celebration & 11th Anniversary Dinner at the Golden Court Restaurantin Richmond Hill.  Master Bao Sen Liang and more than 200 students, relatives, friends and guests attended the celebration.  It is a time for all Ji Hong friends to get together, to wish each other good health, good fortune and happiness in the coming year.



Master Bao Sen Liang said,

"The Annual Spring Dinner is a joyous tradition of the college.  Besides good food, we had wonderful performances: dance, martial arts, and the fascinating Tai Chi routines.  There were also various festive programs, which brought laughter and happiness to everyone throughout the night.  This celebration is a real success, which makes me very happy. The evening was the result of many students from our School who selflessly spent a lot of time in organizing the event.  I want to thank all, including the donors of the lucky draw, who have helped to make the occasion enjoyable and memorable.  I’m really proud of you.

To me, the strength of the team relies on its spirit of cooperation and striving for improvement.  Through the success of such a big event, I’m confident our school will have a bright future.  I hope all of you can work with me."



Master Bao Sen Liang is our teacher and mentor. Often in his spare time, he chats with his students, instilling us his knowledge of Tai Chi and his life experience.