The symbol of tai chi is a circle made up of two fish like parts with two small dots within each area.  The name “tai chi chuan “ is derived from the tai chi symbol, incorporating  the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yan.

Yin-Yan is an abstract concept used to describe how seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in nature.  The opposites in tai chi, like solid and empty, open and close, external and internal, are part of the general concept of yin and yan.  It is said that individuals can enjoy good health when both yin and yan are in balance.  Tai chi’s health training concentrates on keeping the yin and yan in harmony, relieving stress on the body and mind.


Practitioners of tai chi emphasize on correct body posture and controlled movements which involve the entire body.  With persistent practice, tai chi can improve circulation, balance and coordination. Practitioners also develop increased strength as well as body and mental relaxation.