Richmond Hill School

The school is geographically convenient and the training studio is bright and clean, a soothing and elegant environment with gentle background Chinese music. It is a good place for you to forget about the daily stresses, just come  to enjoy, learn and practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Teaching System

In the “Ji Hong Tai Chi System”, complex Tai Chi theory and principles are taught in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand manner.  Thus students are able to apply these principles in their tai chi training, through different styles of Tai Chi and Weapons forms, as well as in Conditioning and Push Hands practices.


Master Bao Sen Liang is appreciated as a highly qualified instructor who is approachable, attentive to details, and seriously committed to cultivating both student interest and potential. He is genuinely dedicated to help each student discover the health and wellness benefits from practising Tai Chi.  

Student Association

Goals and objectives of the association is to educate and improve the standards of Tai Chi among members through the exchange of information and experience.

10 East Wilmot St. Unit 21 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada   L4B 1G9


647-921-1368 (English)

647-388-0083 (Chinese)

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