Fall Schedule (September 21 - December 12, 2020)


 - All classes are 50 minutes in duration and will be live‐streamed.
 - There will be class size limits for IN‐PERSON classes. Must be registered to attend.

 - There will be no limit on the number of students attending Virtual classes.

 - Please refer to Fees Schedule for Registration and Payment method.




 - FACE MASK IS REQUIRED upon entering the premises. Minimize any congregation and maintain at least 2 metre distance at all times.
 - The regular school term is 11 weeks. The 2020 Fall term will be 12 weeks, the extra week is for orientation purposes as we adjust to the new learning environment.

Each course includes one instructional class per week, exceptions are Push Hands and Level 1 courses.

10 East Wilmot St. Unit 21 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada   L4B 1G9

647-921-1368 (English)

647-388-0083 (Chinese)

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