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The Importance of Advanced Classes

Tai Chi Chuan ( or tai chi ) is a treasure of the Chinese nation. It is an internal martial art which integrates Chinese culture, art, traditional philosophy, health benefits, self cultivation and wushu; manifested in the body of the practitioners. Through various scientific research and practice by countless people, it is proven that tai chi's contribution to mankind is huge.

As more and more people recognize the benefits of tai chi, it is being widely studied and practiced. Among them are people from all walks of life, the young and the old. Most people practice tai chi for health reasons, there are others who want to reduce stress, or do it as a leisure interest. Some may want to excel in this martial art or even become a master of tai chi chuan. Regardless of what the purpose is, tai chi can always help fulfil your goal.

The principles of tai chi chuan are strongly connected to Taoist philosophy as well as traditional Chinese culture, thus the more in-depth understanding of tai chi one has, the higher return one will attain. For this reason, our school offers advanced classes of various styles to enrich students, so they can have a deeper knowledge and experience of what real tai chi is. People's purposes to do tai chi may vary, but everyone wants to achieve the same effect. For students who learn tai chi for health benefits, by just learning the simple movements without studying the advanced knowledge of its principles, one will only know the external physical action but will have no perception of the inner body and how to regulate it, thus cannot reach the goal of exercising with a unified body from internal to external. Only through in-depth study and practice can one obtain overall health. And for those who learn tai chi in order to fight stress, without participation in mind training ( which means cultivation of yi or intent in tai chi ), one will not be able to achieve stress reduction. Practitioners who are interested in this piece of Chinese treasure will definitely want to pursue the theories behind it. For example, what does it mean to have a "stable, straight and centred" body? What are the benefits and how to accomplish it? A deep knowledge of tai chi's principles will bring much joy in practicing. Moreover, the right path for those individuals who want to excel in tai chi is to go through a long process of diligent practice and profound study. No one can call himself a master in tai chi by just knowing one or two styles of tai chi.

​Due to the unique approach in tai chi practice, such as: relax and sink, maintain elasticity of the body while stretching, all movements start from the internal, etc; this exercise is suitable for people of all ages and ability. Tai chi is not just for the elderly and infirm, or people after an illness, but it is equally fit for young and healthy persons, men and women. Another distinguishing feature of tai chi is that once you master the principles of tai chi, you can apply those principles to other sports with noticeable improvement, or even to your daily life with real benefits.

To conclude, put effort into tai chi and pursue its principles in depth. Tai chi will bring you a better life!

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