Live Stream Online Classes:


1. 如用手提電話,請把自動旋轉功能(auto-rotate)關掉。

2. 使用者登入後,音頻和視頻功能會自動在靜止狀態。

3. 各位須用靜音功能上課,以免打擾其他學員,如有問題才將靜音取消,然後提出問題。

4. 如要查詢有關使用ZOOM的問題,請發短信或 WhatsApp 到647-839-2496。

Additional notes:

1. If using phone, turn off auto-rotate of the screen.

2. All users will have their audio and video muted when you first join.

3. You can unmute yourself and talk only when necessary, keep muted at all times so as not to disrupt the class.

4. If you have problems with the Zoom session and need help, send text or WhatsApp message to 647-839-2496.



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